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What’s the difference between bulldozers and front loaders?

Front loaders are special pieces of equipment that are impressive to look at. They tend to make a lot of other pieces of heavy equipment look like dwarf material. A lot of people are confused about what bulldozers and loaders do. Bulldozers and loaders are similar but they do two very different things. They are commonly mistaken for one another, though.

Bulldozers are not the same as loaders

Front loaders and bulldozers are available in many different sizes. The tractor part looks almost the same on both. You can find open cabin configurations on them and you can also find closed cabin configurations on each.

Sometimes bulldozer blades can be fitted with front loaders. This allows them to do a type of light dozing. This is not as good as the bulldozers, but it can be good enough when the requirements of the work project aren’t so heavy.

Front loaders with bulldozer blades can make distinguishing between loaders and bulldozers much more complicated and difficult. This is because the attachment is normally used for other things. The attachment that is used for loaders is usually a bucket. This lets you scoop and carry loads. To top off the confusion, bulldozers can also be fitted with buckets.

One way you can check the difference between loaders and bulldozers is if you look how far up they are from the ground. If you look at comparatively sized front loaders and bulldozers, the bulldozer will always sit a little closer to the ground. Loaders are higher up off the ground because of the big wheels that they have. Bulldozers don’t have this because they run on tracks. Because of the wheels, you can use loaders in almost any situation. Bulldozers can drive over very rought terrain.

Loaders can provide you with a very good career opportunity
. The reason loaders are so special is the fact that they are versatile and widely used. Once you get certified in loaders, you can find work in mining, forestry, construction and agriculture. Loaders can provide just about anyone with a flexible career opportunity.

Enjoy great working conditions with loaders

Most loaders have air conditioning and a closed cabin, so you are away from the heat and cold. You can work comfortably, regardless of whether it is hot or cold outside. Loader drivers also have peace of mind because they have a job hat is low impact. If you want to find out more information on loaders and how to get your certification, contact ATS today.

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