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There Is More Than One Type Of Heavy Equipment Loader

Loaders are one of the more common types of heavy equipment found on construction sites. They are similar to a tractor with the bucket on the front with the engine at the back as a counter weight. Unlike excavators, most loaders are wheeled rather than tracked. There is more than one type of loader and some are capable of doing multiple jobs depending on the attachments used.

The loader described is often referred to as a front end loader. These are also known as bucket loaders or scoop loaders because they have a wide square bucket that tilts to capture the dirt or to dig out an area. The bucket is a removable attachment so you can also use it as a forklift or attach a clam shell type of bucket that opens to grab whatever you are working on in its jaws. Loaders of this type are also used for snow removal, dirt removal, farming, and on construction sites.

Other loaders include the little cousin of the front end loader, the skid loader. These come with wheels or tracks and are much smaller loader than front end loaders. One of the major differences between a front end loader and a skid loader is the positioning of the lift arms. On the skid loader they are behind the driver’s shoulders rather than forward of the cab.

Backhoe loader or more commonly referred to as simply backhoes combine two pieces of equipment into one. They have the traditional loader with the front end bucket. However, the rear of the vehicle has a hydraulic arm to which a bucket or ‘hoe’ is attached. The operators seat swivels so the operate can see what he or she is doing when operating the backhoe portion. When using the backhoe there are hydraulic stabilizers the operator can place on the ground in order to lift it off the ground and provide added traction and balance.

To operate any of these pieces of heavy equipment requires training. Basic training on a front end loader will provide most of the skills required to operate all variations. Some extra training may be required to operate a backhoe. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide all the training required to successfully heavy equipment like those described.

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