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Every Heavy Equipment Operator Needs To Learn These Machines

When learning to operate heavy equipment, there are five machines that you should spend as much time on. These five form the core of heavy equipment in use around the country and are generally the machines that most new operators are likely to work with. These five also form the basis for most other heavy equipment since the skills developed on these machines are easily transferable to other machinery. The five basic units are:

  • Bulldozers – learning to operate a bulldozer really does teach a number of important skills. The two most important are controlling tracks (rather than wheels) and learning about dirt – yes dirt. Moving earth depends largely on the type of dirt you are working with, and what obstacles are in your path – for example, large boulders and tree stumps.
  • Loaders – loaders are generally wheeled vehicles, however, some are articulated which can take time to get used to. You will also learn perception skills when loading trucks with a bucket load of materials. You need to get it in the truck accurately, without knocking the truck around.
  • Excavators – while excavators are considered ditch diggers, those ditches require real skills. Again, earth reacts differently and operating an excavator can teach some of the finer skills required to work in some environments.
  • Backhoes – this has become one of the most popular machinery in use. It combines the skills of both an excavator and a loader.
  • Graders – while bulldozers do the grunt work, graders do the fine finishing work. Operating a grader can be technically challenging and it is through this training that site plans and grades become important.

If you can learn to operate each of those machines well, then you’ll be assured of a successful career as a heavy equipment operator. You will also lay a solid foundation for new skills and a range of similar heavy equipment. Heavy equipment training should be the place where those solid foundations are built.

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