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Heavy Equipment Job Opportunities Still On The Rise

Winter may be approaching, but it seems the amount of work available for heavy equipment operators is not easing. In fact, demand for operators in this sector is steadily on the increase. According to a quick search on, as of today, there are almost 4,500 positions available waiting for operators. While 4,500 may not sound like a lot, it is up from this time last year where there were just over 3,800 vacancies listed on

Job vacancies are across a range of industries including construction, forestry, mining, conservation, land clearing, reclamation, landscaping, utilities and the army. The latter is an interesting option – the army prefers to recruit heavy equipment operators that have already undertaken their equipment training, and who have a reasonable amount of experience on that equipment. The army will train operators to use their specific equipment, however, they still need that core base of skills to work with.

Today’s employer is looking for one key factor – quality training. Heavy equipment is expensive with some machinery costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no way an employer is going to allow an untrained operator to use their equipment when they have invested so much money in them. OSHA guidelines also insist that operators are qualified in some way, and that they have completed safety training designed for heavy equipment operators.

The work is there, the job advertisements clearly show that. Even as winter approaches, employers are still recruiting, and while new recruits do find it a little tougher initially, those that have undertaken their training through a reputable heavy equipment training school are finding their first jobs. That’s all takes – good training and that first job, from there, you can build a long and successful career.

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