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Are You Certified To Operate That Crane?

Many states today now require crane operators to be certified. This should not be seen as a negative or an obstacle. Sure, it might be a little inconvenient, but think of the benefits.

First, crane operators are in high demand. If you are certified to operate a crane, then you’ll be more in demand as an employee and have a leg up in job interviews. Secondly, crane operators make a lot of money. In fact, they are some of the highest paid heavy equipment operators on the work site.

Crane operator certification through ATS includes training on fixed and swing cab mobile hydraulic cranes. The training will prepare you for the NCCCO certification exams, both the written and practical versions. You’ll receive the most rigorous training offered through the industry. In addition, you’ll be trained on special types of cranes, including:

  • Rough terrain boom cranes
  • Lattice boom cranes
  • Articulated and knuckle boom cranes
  • Swing cab boom cranes
  • Fixed boom trucks
  • Fixed cab cranes

ATS also provides OSHA-compliant rigging and signalperson training.

Crane certification training can take place at ATS facilities or on the employer’s job site. Having the training on your job site could be beneficial if you have several crane operators you want to be trained and certified. You can get more details on crane certification training through ATS.

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