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Two Types Of Boom Cranes

There are several different types of cranes that a good crane operator should be familiar with. In general, there are two types of boom cranes – lattice boom and telescopic boom.

The boom of the crane is the long arm in the front or back of the vehicle that lifts the load you want to carry.

Lattice Boom

Chances are, you’ve seen lattice boom cranes at work somewhere. They look like a huge machine with a long arm extended in the air. The arm can rotate, move up or down, and move forward or back. They are the most common type of crane on the job site. It makes sense, then, to train on this type of crane since you’ll likely have to use one.

Telescopic Boom

In contrast to lattice booms, telescopic booms are typically hydraulic. They are hinged at the bottom where the arm meets with the body of the crane. The boom is then lifted when the crane operator pulls a switch telling the arm to raise or lower. The hydraulic system, or cables, does all the work.

For a longer and more rewarding career as a crane operator, you’d do well to be trained on both types of cranes. You want your training to be as complete as possible. The more equipment you are capable of using the more in demand you will be on the job.

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