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Can You Operate A Lattice Crane?

Do you know what a lattice crane is? Chances are, you’ve seen one. You’ve probably seen one and didn’t know at the time that it was called a lattice crane.

A lattice boom is that long arm on the crane with a pedestal mounted on the end of it. It is latticed on the end of the boom, which is the long arm extension that runs from the body of the crane to the end tip. The booms can be varying lengths, giving the operator a little more challenge with every foot of length to maneuver.

An articulated boom crane, or knuckleboom, is a crane where the boom (that long arm) knuckles, allowing the boom to swing like an arm with an elbow, based on the driver’s controls.

A good crane training school will give you instructors who are experts at maneuvering all types of crane. The lattice boom crane is one of the more basic types of cranes. It’s a good one for beginners. It’s also the most common type of crane, so you’ll learn all about how to control it and most likely be using it the first day on your first job.

When you are trained and certified on driving cranes, the lattice boom crane is one that you’ll be trained on.

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