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The Choices Available To New Crane Operators

If you are considering a career as a new crane operator, then you will be surprised at how many different types of cranes there are, and how many different types of jobs they do. When you look around many workplaces, there are cranes of some description in use. Some of these cranes include:

  • Railroad Cranes that sit on a rail flatbed carriages
  • Telescopic Cranes that have a boom that can telescope out.
  • Tower Cranes that stand quite tall. These cranes are disassembled and put together on higher floors as a building is being constructed.
  • Truck Mounted Cranes are cranes that are mounted on truck flatbeds
  • Rough Terrain Cranes have four rubber tires that are designed for off-road and “rough terrain” applications
  • Crawler Cranes are mounted on tracks to added stability and mobility
  • Loader Cranes are hydraulically-powered cranes that are fitted to a trailer
  • Gantry Cranes are used in container ports and rail freight terminals
  • Overhead Cranes are suspended from ceilings are very common in factories
  • Floating Cranes are generally mounted on barges and used mainly in bridge building and port construction
  • Mobile Cranes are trucks that have a separate crane mounted behind the truck driver. These cranes can move quickly from job to job.

Some of these cranes require operators who have had years of experience on smaller or less complicated cranes. There are still many options available to new crane operators who are entering the workforce. One of the easiest introductions to crane operation is through mobile cranes. We can provide the training and certification required to get a start in this industry. You just need to decide on your career goals in crane operations.

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