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Things You Learn Besides Operating Equipment

How to operate a variety of heavy equipment is the obvious thing you learn while in heavy equipment school. You’ll learn to operate everything from a backhoe to an all-terrain forklift. But that’s not all. There are six other things you’ll learn that will help you throughout your heavy equipment career.

  1. Grade Reading – Do you know how to read a grade? It’s very important for a lot of the work you’ll do, from excavation to clearing. You’ll learn how to tell the difference between a 45-degree grade and a 49-degree grade.
  2. Laser Levels – Laser levels are construction measuring tools that you’ll see a lot and you should know how to operate them.
  3. Soils – Different types of soils are more difficult to move than others. We’ll teach you how to identify the types of soil and how to operate the various equipment in each type of soil.
  4. Safety – Heavy equipment safety is one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn. We give you the full scoop.
  5. Site Layouts – Layout management is very important in construction work. You don’t want to create collision courses between your various heavy equipment, so you’ll need to learn a little bit about how to layout a construction site so that your team is more efficient and more safe.
  6. Heavy Equipment Maintenance – If you don’t maintain your equipment, it won’t last. We’ll teach you everything you learn and need to know at the operator’s level to keep your equipment operating smoothly for the job.

In heavy equipment school, you learn more than just sitting in a bucket and pulling levers. You learn how to succeed on the construction site.

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