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How To Become A Backhoe Operator

Operating a backhoe is one of the most rewarding of heavy equipment jobs. Backhoe operators enjoy the machinery they’ve been trained to operate and are a very important part of any job site. They are often paid well and enjoy job security. But the first step to becoming a backhoe operator is to get trained as one.

Getting trained as a backhoe operator is as easy as enrolling in a suitable training course. It can be an online course or it can be a course that requires a physical presence.

There are different types of training and different training environments. The best backhoe training is one that offers a certain level of classroom training time before allowing novice operators an opportunity to get in the operator’s seat, but if your training consists entirely of classroom training, then you won’t get any practical experience before hitting the job site. That is unsafe.

For that reason, Associated Training Services recommends a backhoe training environment that offers practical in-the-seat experience with a qualified instructor.

ATS instructors are backhoe operators with years of experience. In many cases, they were safety or quality managers on the job site before coming to work as instructors. They are certified as heavy equipment operators and qualified as backhoe operators. Their first concern is to ensure you learn the skills in a safe environment.

After getting your backhoe training from ATS, you’ll be well-qualified to work on any job site in the country.

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