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You Don’t Need To Be A Genius To Become A Crane Operator

Working as a crane operator is not that difficult. You will need to have some understanding of mathematics, however, much of that is taught to you when you undertake crane operator training. These days, if you can use a calculator, or look up a table, then you’re halfway there.

Crane operators are amongst the best paid heavy equipment operators. The work is almost always interesting, and it’s very diversified. One day you could be on a construction site building a factory or home, the next you could be out helping to build a bridge. Crane operators are also used in mining, forestry, the waterfront, railways and even in horticulture these days given our desire to relocate trees rather than cutting them down.

Students can learn everything they need for a career as a mobile crane operator in around three weeks. Add another week for the assessments to become a certified crane operator (required now by law), and you’re ready to start work. If you want to work on more complex cranes, for example, telescopic booms, then you may require a little extra training in order to pass your assessments.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools has been preparing individuals for the workforce for fifty years. We have earned a reputation for delivering high quality graduates to industry. So much so, employers often come to us looking for new recruits. In fact, we have a dedicated job-site where employers list vacancies and where graduates can access to check out job vacancies. Interested in becoming a crane operator? You don’t need to be a genius – all you need is desire, and to complete a crane operator training course.

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