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Crane Operator Training For Certification

ATS has several programs for crane operation training and they are great courses. Whether you have no experience and want to become certified or you are a current operator who needs re-certification, we can help you.

Crane operation is a great field to enter for many reasons. There are jobs available worldwide and job security is not an issue if you are certified, qualified, and good at the job. Crane operators are among the highest paid operators in the entire heavy equipment industry. This alone, may motivate you to enroll at ATS.

The courses offered at ATS for crane operation will instruct you on the operation of both fixed and swing cab cranes. The course will lead you to the proper testing and certification necessary to work in the field. This training school believes in hands on training which allows students to have in the seat training. This helps students remember things and get a true feel of what being an operator is all about.

You may also be interested to know that there is assistance in housing while you are in training and there is financial assistance available for those currently in the program. During the course and even as a graduate, there are career services available to assist operators in finding jobs.

By enrolling in the crane operation program at Associated Training School, you will have a great future career set ahead of you. The demand is high and pay is great. Consider becoming a crane operator today and enroll at ATS.

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