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Crane Operator Training – Becoming Certified Is The Only Way To Go

If you fancy a career as a crane operator, then you’re going to need training that leads to certification as a crane operator. Learning the basics from a friend or relative simply won’t cut it in the workplace anymore. Besides which, it’s now illegal for businesses to employ crane operators who are not certified. Certification is a national standard, so once certified you can work in any state without the need to be recertified.

Crane operators can only be certified by passing a nationally recognized crane operator certification assessment. This assessment concentrates on the safe operations of cranes and has been designed to help reduce the number of crane accidents that occur each year. A crane in the hands of an unqualified operator can do a significant amount of damage to people and property, often with devastating consequences.

When considering a career as a crane operator, your best path is to undertake crane operator training through a well respected training organization. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have been around for fifty years and have been approved to deliver crane operator training and the assessments required to achieve certification. Our certification program is conducted on behalf of the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) – a certification that is respected by employers nationwide.

ATS provides training on a range of cranes including:

  • Large Telescopic Boom Cranes (swing cab/rough terrain)
  • Small Telescopic Boom Cranes (fixed cab/boom truck)
  • Lattice Crane (Crawler or Truck)
  • Articulated (knuckleboom) Cranes

We also provide OSHA Compliant Rigging & Signal Person training for those interested in careers as riggers or signal persons. When looking at crane operator training, becoming certified is the only way to start a long and successful career, and ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can help you achieve that goal.

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