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Demand Still Strong For Skilled Mobile Crane Operators

Saturday’s job opportunities showed strong for operators of a wide range of heavy equipment, however, it was the number of vacancies for skilled mobile crane operators that really stood out. One employer is looking for 30 mobile crane operators, a sure sign of resurgence in construction activities. Whilst many of these positions are for skilled and experienced operators, the operators have to come from somewhere, and that provides a lot of opportunities for new mobile crane operators.

Will employers take on new mobile crane operators? Many of them will, especially if they have several mobile cranes and their work load includes entry level type work. Many employers are now willing to take on new operators, employing them as co-drivers until they find their feet within the company. It’s a great introduction to the industry as you get to work alongside an experienced and seasoned mobile crane operator – a great follow-up to a good quality crane operator training program.

Crane operators of all types now need to be certified before they can operate a crane. Our training program exceeds the minimum requirements to become a crane operator, and all graduates are offered the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge assessed for certification at our training school. Having a one-stop-shop for both training and certification assessment makes the process much easier for students and allows for a faster and smoother transition to the workplace.

Graduates of ATS Heavy Equipment Training School’s crane operator training programs are also given assistance to find their first job. Our Career Services personnel will work with students throughout their training program to help them identify and apply for job vacancies. Graduates can also access our jobs website where job vacancies are frequently posted. The demand is there for skilled mobile crane operators. We can deliver the training to build the skills required; you just need to decide when you can start that training.

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