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Winter Is Nearly Here – Heavy Equipment On Standby

With winter approaching there are many communities organizing their heavy equipment so they are prepared to seve the community. Roads often need clearing of snow, vehicles sometimes need digging out from under snow drifts, and of course the regular spate of black-ice instigated motor vehicle accidents.

The most common equipment used a specialized machine known as a snow plow. However, graders and bulldozers have often been called in to the same job – push the snow and ice off the road and onto the verges. Because of the snow and black ice, these can be dangerous times for heavy equipment operators.

It takes good quality training backed up with plenty of experience to safely handle heavy equipment in these conditions. Blades need to be set at the right height to ensure snow and ice is removed, yet the road surface remains untouched.

It’s cold work yet by the time your finished, you can look back on black ribbon of cleared road neatly surrounded by banks of white snow – the picture postcard setting that many from tropical regions can only dream about (if they lived through for a couple of years the dream would soon vanish).

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can get your heavy equipment career off the ground by providing a thorough training program on a variety of machines. Who knows, one day you could be keeping our roads open during the cold winters.

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