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Don’t Forget The Q Factor In Heavy Equipment Training

Heavy equipment training comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some training establishments use a classroom only approach which means you don’t get any hands on experience. Others employ the opposite where all your training is on the equipment but there is no classroom training on safety and other issues.

There is a ‘Q’ factor that often spoke off in business – the Q being Quality. Quality has a different meaning to different people. When it comes to heavy equipment training, the ‘Q’ factor, or quality factor, has three faces.

The quality of instructor is extremely important. No matter how good the machinery or the training materials are, if the instructor doesn’t know their stuff or cannot communicate it effectively, you are going to walk away trying to figure out what the class was all about.

The ‘Q’ factor is the training program itself. If that is of poor quality then even the best instructor will have difficulties delivering an effective training program.

The third ‘Q’ factor is the quality of the equipment. Very old and unreliable equipment will mean the hands on experience is frustrating and often not relevant to the workplace after training.

Heavy equipment training does have a set of guidelines that have been designed to train future operators to a level required to get a start in the industry. Training organizations submit their training programs to be assessed against those guidelines. If their training is approved they receive accreditation to deliver the training.

For you, the user of the training programs, you know that any accredited training has been designed to those guidelines. These guidelines include the skill required to be an instructor and the type of equipment used for training.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools are proud of their tradition of delivering accredited training that is recognized within the industry for providing employers with quality skilled new operators. If your looking to get a start in the industry, start by checking us out.

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