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Why Housing Is Part Of The Program

Associated Training Services offers housing assistance at the Water Tower Residence Inn as part of the financial help you can get when you come to our heavy equipment and crane operator training programs. We have been in the business long enough to know that it’s a good idea to stay near your classes while you go through the program. Here’s why:

  1. You will be learning a lot of new information and it will take some time, possibly even some evening re-reading of the material, to get it firmly in your head. Staying nearby in a comfortable, safe room gives you the down time you need to process your classes and get ready for the next day.
  2. Many of our students come from other parts of the country and will need a place to stay in any case. Even the students who live close find that it helps to stay at school instead of commute. Why spend all that money on gas and a random motel room?
  3. We have established housing with the Water Tower Residence Inn, just a few miles from the school. It is a short walk to restaurants, stores, and local attractions. The rooms have cable TV, air conditioning, and small refrigerators for your favorite snacks. There’s also access to laundry facilities and a game room/social area where you can connect with fellow students. 

Because we believe available housing will help you get the most out of training, we make housing assistance part of the financial aid we offer. We will reserve a room for you at the Water Tower Residence Inn for the length of your training. Ask about it when you call us and get ready for a solid future career in heavy equipment and crane operation.

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