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There Are Many Different Types Of Crane

There are many different types of cranes in use around the country. They range in size and weight from small overhead gantry type cranes to large tower cranes.

Tower Cranes:
Frequently referred to as Construction Cranes. They are used in the construction of high-rise buildings. These cranes generally don’t have a movable base. These are the tallest cranes and have to be assembled piece by piece. Tower cranes are used to construct tall buildings, and in the case of skyscrapers, these cranes are often assembled inside the building during construction.

Floating cranes:
These cranes are mounted on barges or pontoons and used within shipping industry. They are used to construct ports, salvage ships, build bridges and unload ships. They can often handle very heavy loads and awkwardly shaped containers.

Loader cranes:
These cranes have hydraulic powered booms fitted onto trailers. They load goods onto the trailer and the jointed sections of the boom are folded down when not in use. You can commonly see these where housebuilding bricks are delivered.

Stacker cranes:
Frequently seen in warehouses where they work with an automatic retrieval system.

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