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What Crane Operator Jobs Are There?

Being a crane operator can be a very interesting and diverse career. Most people consider crane operators as construction workers, working on building sites helping to move heavy steel and concrete parts of the construction into the place. Careers in crane operation are far more diverse than that.

Most of our ports would come to a standstill if it wasn’t for the work of crane operators. They lift goods in and out of ships holds all day everyday. Special cranes are used to lift containers out of ships and placing them onto rail or road freight cars.

The mining industry relies heavily on crane operators for much of their work. Mine operations can be a dangerous field so reliable well trained operators are always in demand.

Some of the unusual career options include those involved with emergency work. Helping to get rail cars back onto their tracks after a derailment; helping to get semi-trailers back onto their wheels after a roll-over; and helping to lift vehicles of all shapes and sizes out of lakes and rivers can all be a part of a crane operators job description.

Qualified reliable crane operators are always in heavy demand. Because of the pivotal roll that this position has in many industries, good operators can be well paid with good fringe benefits paid to ensure they stay with the one business.

If the roll of a crane operator appeals to you then the your first step is to acquire the skills required to get your foot in the door as a crane operator. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can help you get that start as a successful well paid crane operator.

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