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ATS Offers Housing Assistance

If you are interested in getting the training you need for a new career, but you have reservations about taking that next step because you don’t know where you will live, there is good news. Associated Training Services (ATS) offers housing assistance for its students.

ATS has established housing assistance for its students who stay at the dormitory while pursuing classes. ATS will take care of reserving a room at our dormitory facility for the entire time that you are attending school and undergoing training at ATS.

ATS is only five miles from the dormitory, which adds to the convenience. You can easily walk to grocery stores, restaurants, and other community assets from the dormitory. The dorm has 62 rooms that are equipped with WiFi, laundry facilities, air conditioning, cable TV, and air conditioning.

These are comfortable rooms that are in a convenient location, so you can easily access everything that you need to while you are getting your training. The rooms are designed to provide you with the comfort of home. The Inn is located so that you can easily find activities to enjoy when you aren’t at school.

When you contact ATS and inquire about financial aid, ask about making housing arrangements. The ATS admissions representative will help ensure that you have access to everything you need so you can make the most of your time here in Wisconsin.

Call ATS at (800) 383-7364 today to learn more about how we can provide housing assistance and to learn about the financial assistance opportunities available to you so you can join one of our training programs.

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