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What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are things like writing resumes, filling out applications, interview skills, and stuff like that. Soft skills probably won’t be needed once you get hired to operate heavy equipment, although many jobs will require being able to navigate software or do paperwork. Soft skills might not seem too important until the lack of these skills keeps you from getting hired.

You see, many times, your resume and application are screened by a computer first, so a mistake can kick it right out of the running. Simple things like a typo can make a huge difference. So can having the right keywords in your resume, because the screener will be looking for words that match the job description. Therefore, application procedures are part of the training at ATS.

After that, in a large company you might be interviewed by someone in HR who works inside all day. Even if they got your name from your postings on Total Resources Network and trust your training at ATS, there will be some evaluation based on how you dress, speak, and act during the interview.

One of the words that comes up in a discussion of “soft skills” is networking. Networking is basically your people skills, and building relationships that are appropriate and professional with the idea that you will be running into these people repeatedly during your career. A network of people help each other. Some are just acquaintances, others are friends and coworkers. But when suggestions for job openings come up, they can give you a lead. Or you can help them by providing a reference about their reliability. Everyone you meet could potentially be part of your network.

For instance, your instructors at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School are good sources of information about how to find jobs, and the resources needed. They know because they’ve got experience as business owners, foremen, and superintendents on job sites. During your training they are great additions to your network.

Soft skills aren’t things that you use once and then ignore. All the soft skills you learn at ATS will help you in many ways your whole life long. Our Career Services┬áhave been designed from years of experience, and we have found that graduates who use the soft skills they developed at ATS go on to succeed in whatever they do.

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