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Get a Heavy Equipment Job

If you want to work in the heavy equipment industry, there should be no obstacles holding you back. There are plenty of jobs going around, and with the Baby Boomers retiring, plenty more positions will be opening up for the Millennial generation. You’ll be first in line if you have the proper training and motivation.

Here’s how to land a heavy equipment job in five easy steps:

  1. Attend a heavy equipment training school and receive all the necessary training on each piece of equipment you are likely to encounter on the job site.
  2. Get the certification that you need to be fully qualified to work in the heavy equipment industry within your state. This might include specialized certifications like mobile crane operations, rigger/signalperson, and a CDL truck driver license.
  3. Prepare a resume
  4. Learn effective interviewing, networking, and other “soft” job search skills. Associated Training Services (ATS) will assign a career counselor to you to help you hone these skills so that you have a leg up in the interviewing process once you start looking for a job.
  5. Search for the best heavy equipment job opportunities in your area. Total Resources Network can be an invaluable resource as you search for heavy equipment jobs where you live.

ATS has been training heavy equipment operators since 1963. We started with diesel truck drivers and expanded to other types of heavy equipment starting in 1996. We have become the most recognized heavy equipment training school in the United States with the very best instructors in the business. And we have special deals for veterans.

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