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The Advantage You Get With ATS Career Services

Associated Training Services (ATS) Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is one of the best places in the country to get trained for the job you want with heavy equipment. It’s also one of the best at helping you find the job that’s right for you, get through the application process successfully, and be prepared for an interview.

Find the job that’s right for you

As soon as you start your training at ATS, our Career Services personnel start working with you to provide personal career counseling. This can end up being a lifelong friendship because you get continued career help after graduation if you want it. The beginning of that career help is the entrance interview to establish career goals, industries you are interested in, and even the geographic location you’d like to be working in. You’ll get a job packet with a list of employers in that location and any other information that would be helpful in your chosen career.

Get through the application process successfully

One of the challenges of finding a job after you graduate is figuring out where the openings are. The ATS Job Leads Database is constantly being updated. You see a few every Saturday on this blog. But as a graduate, you have access to the whole thing and can search job leads by state, city, or zip code. Our ATS Career Services website lets you search by job descriptions too, and you can apply right from the site. You can post your resume (we teach you how to write a good one) and the employers can find YOU too.

Be prepared for an interview

It isn’t enough to know how to do the job if you flunk the job search process. So ATS trains students in the “soft skills” that a successful job search takes – like interview skills, networking, how to write resumes, application processes, and all the rest of it. Your ATS instructor has worked in their field and gone through the hoops to get a job out there, too. All our instructors are skilled and experienced and teach from that experience, including how they found their jobs and what that process was like.

Our Career Services are an important part of the package you get when you come to ATS.

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