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How Much Employment Assistance Do You Want?

Some “employment assistance” places don’t really help you all that much. You could have access to a list of job openings but not given help writing a resume, for instance. One place held a resume-writing workshop where the instructor told the students that resumes really don’t matter because networking is how people get jobs! That workshop ended with a lot of students scratching their heads in bewilderment since they were there to learn how to write a resume. (And honestly, your resume is just as important as networking. It isn’t one or the other.)

What ATS Employment Assistance Offers

  • Personal Career Counseling starts the first week of training, with an entrance interview where your Assistance Coordinator finds out what industries and locations you are interested in. Your individual goals become the base for the job packet you receive when you graduate; a list of employers, information about your training and skills, and other helpful stuff. Our Employment Assistance Department is open five days a week and we follow graduates up to make sure your career is where you want it to be — and if it isn’t, you can ask for help.
  • Soft Skills are the things like writing resumes, interview techniques, networking methods, application procedures, and all the other factors that can keep a good heavy equipment operator looking for a job if they aren’t there. Your instructors are people who have worked in the industry in many positions and know what it takes to get that job.
  • Job Leads at ATS are pulled from our Job Leads Database, one of the best sources of heavy equipment positions in the nation. For twenty years, this database has been constantly updated to maintain a comprehensive storehouse of information that students and graduates can search by state, city, or zip code whenever they need to find a new job.
  • Total Resources Network is the ATS employment assistance website and this is truly a total resource. You can post your information and be found by employers looking for someone with your skills, or look for openings by location & job description. You can apply for jobs on the site, post resumes, network, and more. And, there’s no time limit on how long you can use it. If you need to find a new job ten years from now, you can get on the site as a graduate of ATS.

If you are a graduate of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, the answer to “how much employment assistance do you want?” is up to you.

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