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What Happens At A Heavy Equipment Training School

How would you like an inside, hands-on look at what happens at a heavy equipment training school? You don’t just get a twenty minute guided tour of the school, you get to sit through a full training module, and to get up close to a range of machinery. You’re even encouraged to climb into the operators seats to see how it feels. America’s oldest and most respected crane, truck driving and heavy equipment training school is offering everyone just that.

This invitation is not just directed at prospective students. We welcome everyone, wives (or husbands), parents, children – feel free to come along to see what training involves, what sort of work is available for drivers/operators, and whether or not this is going to be a good career move for everyone. If you like what you see, and complete that first training module, you could be eligible for a $500 scholarship in one of our training programs (see details for more information).

Changing careers can be a big decision, so before doing so, you should do as much research as possible. This research should include trying to get some hands on experience before agreeing to undertake training. That’s our philosophy as well, and that’s one of the reasons we offer this open day.

Unfortunately, numbers are limited to these open days, so booking a seat is a must. There is no cost involved in attending any part of the open day, and that includes attending and completing one of the training modules. There is also no obligation to sign up for training either before, during or after one of our open days. These open days are designed to help you determine whether or not a career as a heavy equipment operator, truck driver or crane operator is right for you.

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