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Heavy Equipment Training For New Migrants

Are you a new migrant to the U.S.? More importantly, do you have residency status or a Green Card? If so, you can start your new life with a new career as a heavy equipment operator. What you will need is a reasonable understanding of the English language in order to understand directions and safety measures.

What new migrants will find is that heavy equipment is one area that doesn’t discriminate against any individual. The bottom line for gaining employment is whether or not you can do the job – if you can, then you’re application will be treated equally – and this includes women in the heavy equipment work force. The key to a successful career is the heavy equipment training you receive. Having a good foundation of skills will set you on the road to success.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools follows the same social philosophy – everyone deserves a chance to see if heavy equipment is a career best suited to them so we don’t discriminate. If you are able to complete both the classroom and practical training, then we will accept your application and enroll you in one of our classes.

Heavy equipment training is a three week training program that provides basic skills and knowledge of a range of machinery including excavators, bulldozers, graders, loaders and backhoes to name a few. Students also receive training in all safety components related to heavy equipment and construction along with a range of classroom lessons on topics such as reading and understanding site plans. If you’re a new migrant who’s looking for a new career, consider heavy equipment operations – it’s one field that doesn’t discriminate.

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