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What a Difference Certification can Make

If you have ever worked on a building site, you will be well aware that there is a vast disparity in the working conditions of skilled and unskilled workers. Many unskilled workers fall into the trap of thinking that certification is beyond their reach. This is understandable considering the time and cost that is required in most types of training. An apprenticeship can take several years and many people cannot sacrifice that amount of time on apprentice wages. The alternative is attending a training school.

At Associated Training Services we offer a range of courses in part time and full time schedules. Our goal is to get you certified and ready for the workplace in a timely fashion. Our courses are nationally accredited and our job placement program helps our graduates find skilled work. Our certification program will prepare you to work as a heavy equipment operator. If you are interested in starting a heavy equipment career and getting your certification please do not hesitate to contact us.

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