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Certification, What are YOU Waiting for?

We know all to well what life is like for construction workers that lack certification. While some people enjoy the work, it does not pay very well. Many people lack the motivation to pursue certification. They place it in the too hard, too expensive or takes too long basket and do their best to be content with the limited opportunities that are available to the unskilled laborer. The fact is that it is not too hard or too expensive to get certification and it does not take too long either.

Associated Training Services
Associated Training Services is a heavy equipment school with offices around the country. We place our workers in a simulated working environment so that they can experience work in an environment as close to the real thing as possible. We offer training in a wide range of equipment types. Our professional instructors will get you ready for a different career and prove to you that it is not too difficult to earn your certification.

Financial Aid

We know that there are many people that can not afford the training on their unskilled laborer’s wages. For this reason, we offer financial aid in most circumstances. Our rates are affordable and you will be able to repay your loan quickly thanks to the greater income you will be able to earn through certification. With financial aid from Associated Training Services, training ceases to be too expensive.

Intensive Programs
Training at Associated Training Services schools is quite intensive. Sure, we could ease up on the program, but we want you to be out of our school and into a career as soon as possible. The most time you are likely to need to earn your certification is a few months, that sure beats an apprenticeship, which can take years.

Contact us at Associated Training Services if you have any questions.

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