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Want To Be A Heavy Equipment Operator? What’s Holding You Back?

There are a lot of people who see heavy equipment in use and either wonder what it would be like to operate one themselves or wish they had opted for a career as an operator. For many, the desire to learn to be a heavy equipment operator is still there, however, something holds them back. One of the biggest hurdles is simple fear – in a way, it’s a fear of the unknown, and that just happens to be one of mankind’s biggest fears.

A number of negatives always appear – can you relate to any of these?

  • Can I afford the cost of training?
  • Is there work available once I finish my training?
  • Will I be any good as a heavy equipment operator?
  • Will my family support me?

I am sure there are many other questions, however, those four cover the most common, and they all have basis in that unknown. You can quickly dismiss the last negative – just talk to your family. If you want to change careers, and heavy equipment is one of your options, then discuss this with your family. Discuss the initial upfront costs, however, don’t forget to mention how lucrative a career it is.

Can you afford the cost of training? You don’t need to pay for all of your training up front. There are loan options available, and once you start working as a heavy equipment operator, you’ll soon have those loans cleared. There are also several government programs available to help cover some of the costs – you may be eligible for one of those, particularly if you are an ex-military service person.

When it comes to employment, ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training Schools work with their students to help them find that all-important first job. We don’t just deliver training, we have a dedicated career services department and their whole reason for being is to help you find employment in your chosen field.

Finally, will you be any good at it? You won’t know until you try it out. If you have any doubts about your ability, call us and discuss your options. Who knows, you may be able to visit our training school, talk to the instructors and students, and perhaps even get to sit in the seat of one of our machines. It’ll certainly give you a feel for the job. We can’t answer every question, however, we’ll do our best.

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