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Truck Driving No Longer A Popular Career Choice For Our Youth

It seems that in some parts of the country there are plenty of trucks but few truck drivers to drive them. Truck driving as a career choice has been waning in recent years and this is leading to shortages of skilled drivers. There are many reasons for the loss in popularity – one reason being touted is our education system.

For once, the education system is being blamed for doing too good a job. Our youth are staying at school longer with more and more attending college each year. With college degrees behind them, truck driving is the last thing on their minds. While our youth may not find driving a truck interesting, there are many in the 25-45 year age groups that are considering career changes. While our education system is pumping well educated individuals, it hasn’t made life any better. There are many now who are turning their backs on their degrees and looking for jobs that offer more in the way of interest.

Truck driving certainly has a lot to offer. It pays reasonably well, offers plenty of variety, and is a skill that can be picked up quite quickly. At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools, we offer a combined hands on and in class truck driver training program that can have you driving a truck in as little as three weeks. Once you complete your training, it’s simply a matter of obtaining your commercial drivers license and you’re ready for the road. Don’t worry, we train you in everything necessary to obtain that license. If you’re considering a career change – consider truck driving – it’s a choice you won’t regret.

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