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Add A Commercial Drivers License And Control Your Future

With a commercial drivers license you open the door to a lot more opportunities. We are not talking about being a truck driver here although it does of course involve driving trucks. I am looking more at those who have careers in heavy equipment operations like operating a bulldozer or excavator. At present, if a bulldozer is required on a site somewhere, it takes it two operators to complete the job – one to drive the bulldozer to the site and one to operate the bulldozer.

How many employers would jump at the chance of employing one person to do both jobs? There are a lot of employers that would grab the opportunity at present, particularly if they are taking contracts for land clearing type jobs where only one piece of equipment is needed. The operator takes the equipment out to the site, does a days work then drives the truck back to base. The truck is then free for other jobs. The operator uses their vehicle to get to the site then.

Once the job is almost complete, the operator takes the truck back, finishes the work then takes the whole lot back to base. Job done and only one operator required. The saving in wages for that employer can be huge if spread over several pieces of machinery.

If you are one of those operators that is also holding a commercial drivers license, you are more likely to be employed these days than someone who doesn’t have their CDL. Obtaining your CDL only takes three weeks of training through ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools. The training is followed by a licensing test carried out by your state licensing authority. Once licensed, you can have a greater say in where and for whom you are going to work – that has to be good.

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