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A CDL Keeps You In Demand

If there is one occupation that remains in demand even through hard times, it has to be that of a truck driver. Obtaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) is one of the things that I recommend for all, particularly those wanting to get into the building, mining or forestry industries. Having that one license adds that versatility to your career that many employers are seeking.

I have often mentioned the success that many heavy equipment operators have if they also have a CDL. It runs true through many industries. You may be working as a lowly warehouse person, but having that CDL and the skill of driving a truck means you can be called upon when necessary, even if it’s just to move a truck out of the loading dock so another can take its place.

Truck drivers are always in demand. It does depend on whether or not you specialize, of course. Sometimes it’s the big rig or interstate drivers that are in demand and sometimes it’s local haulers, those that deliver within a town, or to nearby towns. The increase in funding to the construction industry last year saw a large jump in demand for heavy equipment operators. What went largely unnoticed was the jump in demand for truck drivers capable of hauling heavy equipment. Think about it! If there is an increase in demand for heavy equipment, that equipment needs to be moved and if there is a lot of movement going on, there will need to be a lot of drivers around.

We have been training truck drivers for over 25 years. The truck driver training program at ATS prepares students to sit the commercial driver’s license test (theory and practical tests) by delivering both in class and behind the wheel training. If a CDL can give your career a little boost, contact us today for details on our truck driver training programs.

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