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Truck Drivers Needed For Heavy Equipment Haulage

The economic stimulus package has seen billions of dollars allocated to construction work in the transport sector with new roads and bridges being planned across the nation. These projects are going to require the use of a lot of heavy equipment and much of this equipment needs transporting, generally on flat bed tractor trailers. Truck drivers require a commercial drivers license (CDL) to drive these trucks and to obtain your CDL, you need training.

ATS have been involved in truck driver training for over forty years. We deliver training that ensures those that graduate are well prepared to pass their CDL assessments – both written and practical. Our training prepares individuals to work in the fields of equipment transporting, dump trucks/trailers, sand and gravel, paving, concrete/asphalt,and construction materials. These are the drivers that will be required to rebuild our economy through the various construction projects planned.

The truck driving program offered by ATS involves classroom instruction covering subjects such as Department of Transportation rules, safety and safe operation of equipment, Commercial Driver License regulations, logbooks, and hazardous materials. “Hands-on” instruction includes backing and other close quarter maneuvers, pre-trip inspections, coupling and uncoupling and of course actual driving on both highways and city roads.

The demand for truck drivers capable of driving these construction related trucks is set to explode as every state across the nation commences their road projects almost simultaneously. I know truck drivers are good at their jobs, but I cannot see them being twenty places at once. The only solution of course is to employ more drivers – a lot more.

ATS have truck driver training (CDL) schools in Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Southern California – Our truck drivers have been known to drive coast-to-coast – we certainly have truck driving training covered coast-to-coast. If you have a yearning for truck driving as a career – act now while the opportunities are there.

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