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Why You Need CDL Training

CDL training gives you the best chance of obtaining a license. But why do you need one? If you are looking for a career as a tractor-trailer driver, in other words a semi-trailer driver, then you are required to hold a valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License commonly known as a CDL.

The CDL was introduced by an act of Congress known as The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986. The aim of the act was to improve highway safety and to provide a minimum set of standards across the nation. Each state has retained the powers of assessing and issuing the licenses.

Holding a CDL has been compulsory for driving large trucks since 1992. So, to obtain your CDL, you will need to pass a knowledge based and practical skills based test administered by your state. CDL training should first take you through all the requirements needed to pass your written and practical tests.

Your training doesn’t finish there. CDL training could also include areas such as air brake knowledge, (T) Double/Triple Trailers, (P) Passenger transport, (N) Tank Vehicle, and (H) Hazardous Materials. If you pass the tests associated with those specialist areas your CDL will be endorsed with the appropriate letter. This means you can operate vehicles involved in that specialist area. Hazardous materials (H) is one of the most common endorsements.

ATS’s CDL training program involves both classroom and behind the wheel training. In the training room, student truck drivers are instructed in the procedures and techniques to safely operated a tractor trailer. You will be trained in all areas that will be tested on including topics such as proper log book practices.

AT ATS, your practical time is just that, time behind the wheel. We pay particular attention to some of the trickier skills such as turning, shifting and reversing. The student also spends time on the open road gaining skills and confidence around traffic. This provides the student with real world driving skills. CDL training is a must if you intend becoming a professional truck driver.

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