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CDL Training That You Can Rely On For Quality

You can attempt to gain a commercial drivers license with little or no training but the chances are you will fail. CDL training can also be done in an ad-hoc way – perhaps by hopping in the drivers seat with a parent or friend showing you the way. The problem is, you will pick up their bad habits whilst not learning all the road rules required to pass your licensing test.

The only way to gain a license, and with it a lucrative job within the trucking industry, is by undertaking CDL training through an industry recognized training organization. Employers favor those training organizations that deliver quality training and provide graduates who don’t just ‘pass the test’, they provide graduates with a good base of skills ready to become productive immediately.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have been involved with truck driver training for more than 45 years. During that time they have developed a reputation for quality training across a wide range of vehicles from dump trucks to tractor trailers. Graduates have found employment in jobs as varied as equipment transporting, dump trucks/trailers, sand and gravel, paving, concrete/asphalt, mining, freight haulers, construction materials and driving tankers.

Graduates from ATS receive all the licensing permits, endorsements, and driving test needed to obtain their Commercial Drivers License. The CDL training program includes classroom based training covering road rules, safety and safe operation of equipment. Hands on training includes backing and other close quarter maneuvers, pre-trip inspections, coupling and uncoupling, and actual highway and city driving.

ATS has forged a network of over 10,000 trucking companies nationwide all providing employment to graduates when vacancies arise. If you want a career as a truck driver then ATS has everything you need to make a start. Contact ATS for information on the CDL training program.

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