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Dump Truck Training Leads To A Hectic Career

When it comes to road construction, the one vehicle that seems to be constantly on the go is the dump truck. If you undertake dump truck training then prepare yourself for non stop activity.

The bulldozers may come in and level the area for a new road, it is the dump truck that ha to remove all the excess. Once that job is done, the dump truck is then required to bring in the material used a base for the road – often gravel. The dump truck driver doesn’t just dump the base, if you watch them in action, they spread the base evenly as they dump it over the prepared surface.

Dump truck training is not that difficult and follows the fundamentals of general truck driver training including the requirements, knowledge and skill required to gain your CDL.

ATS has five truck driver training centers located in Wisconsin, Ohio, Virgina, Colorado and Southern California. With over 45 years experience in truck driver training, we know exactly what employers need when it comes driving knowledge and skills.

There are hundreds of transport companies that come to us looking for their driver requirements – why? Because we have developed a reputation for producing drivers that are well trained and ready to commence work from day one.

If your considering a career as a dump truck driver – visit our web site or call for use more information and to discuss your dump truck training options. Just remember, the life of a dump truck driver is a busy one.

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