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Transport Your Equipment Is Another Lesson

Being a heavy equipment operator is one thing, knowing how to transport it is another thing – and it is often one thing that is never taught. Let’s face it, we don’t need to move our equipment that often, we leave it to the professionals.

Of course, if you ever get to own your own heavy equipment then you are going to find more cost effective to move it around yourself. The first tip to tying it down, read the manual. Heavy equipment will almost always have tie down points.

If you cannot find any tie down points then there is a second simple rule, all four corners, and each blade. For a bulldozer with a rear bucket, this would require six points tied down. For a front-end loader, five points.

When in doubt, contact the manufacturer or your local transport department, they are the ones who will issue the fine if you get it all wrong.

Of course, you could always ask your instructor while you are undertaking your training. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools provide comprehensive training on heavy equipment.

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