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Transporting Your Heavy Equipment

Some heavy equipment machines use tracks rather than wheels. These machines cannot be driven on standard roads for several reasons. First, they are fairly slow moving, secondly, and more importantly, they could cause serious damage to the surface. A third reason is simple, size. Some heavy equipment is just too wide to be transporting down a highway without causing major traffic interference.


To transport this heavy equipment, a flatbed or lowboy tractor trailer is used. The machine is driven up onto the flatbed and securely fastened. The tractor tows the flatbed to the next job site where the process is reversed.

Driving a tractor-trailer may be a requirement of your job description as a heavy equipment operator. Some employers want you to be able to take the equipment out to a job site, get the job done and then move onto the next job. To be able to deliver this job requirement, you need to undertake two tasks.

Your major task is to sit for an obtain a Class-A (Tractor Trailer) Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL). To achieve this, it is recommended you complete a tractor-trailer course that covers not only the operation of the tractor-trailer but the safety requirements as well.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools provide tractor-trailer training to provide the knowledge and skills required to achieve your commercial driving license.

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