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Who are heavy equipment operators

Who is a Heavy Equipment Operator?

The term “heavy equipment operator” encompasses a broad range of professionals from the lowly forklift driver to the glamorized long-haul truck driver. More often than not, however, it specifically refers to a person who operates one of several types of heavy equipment that are often found on construction sites and industrial zones within a variety of industries. Without getting into specific niche-oriented types of heavy equipment, the most basic equipment we’re talking about includes:

  • Backhoes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Wheel loaders of various types
  • Excavators
  • Scrapers
  • Graders
  • Bulldozers

Again, these are the most basic types of heavy equipment you’ll find on most construction sites and many industrial work sites. A heavy equipment operator is a person trained to operate such equipment and has the proper certification to do so.

How Do You Become a Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators generally receive some type of professional training before they are allowed to operate heavy equipment. Some operators get their training on the job, but this is not the preferred way to get your professional certification. Rather, you are much more employable long term if you get trained and certified by an industry-recognized heavy equipment operator training school.

Many employers will hire instructors to come to their work site and provide such training to several employees at the same time. If your employer is one of those, they can contact Heavy Equipment School to set up the on-site training for you and your co-workers.

For more information on what you will learn in the heavy equipment operator training, you receive from ATS, visit our curriculum page.

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