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Looking For A Stable Career? Start With A Commercial Drivers License

With all the turmoil that has occurred in recent years, individuals are now looking around for careers that offer a little stability. Truck driving is one career that does have a degree of stability. Let’s face it, no matter how tough the economy is, we still need food; we still need to transport goods like farm produce, raw materials and finished goods to markets and retail outlets. To achieve that, we need competent truck drivers and the first step to a career as a truck driver is to obtain a commercial drivers license.

Like a standard car license, prospective truck drivers have to pass both a written and practical test before they are issued with their commercial drivers license. The best way to ensure a pass in these tests is by undertaking training from professionals with a proven track record. How does a proven track record of almost fifty years sound? To stay in business, and to maintain a good reputation for that period of time says plenty about Associated Training Services. There’s good reason for that too – check out what is offered in their commercial drivers license training:

  • Hands on behind-the-wheel training including road driving and backing exercises;
  • Pre-trip inspection training;
  • Coupling and uncoupling;
  • Department of Transportation rules;
  • Safety and safe operation of equipment;
  • CDL regulations

This comprehensive training program is undertaken over three weeks and prepares students well for their commercial drivers license. On completion of training and after gaining their CDL, students are ready for any entry level position in the trucking industry. Truck driving offers competitive rates of pay, good conditions, and a variety of work types including long distance, local and intrastate. Truck drivers could be driving tankers, flat bed trailers with heavy equipment, or small local delivery trucks. What is most important to note is that you have the choice.

Looking for a stable career? Consider truck driving.

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