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Heavy Equipment Employers Seeking Operators With Commercial Drivers Licenses

If you’re a heavy equipment operator then you may be starting to notice that employers are now preferring to employ operators that have their commercial drivers license. In today’s tight markets, employers are looking to cut costs and if they can have operators that can also take their equipment out to a work site then they have saved the cost of a dedicated truck driver. This is especially true of business owners that only have a handful of equipment in use at any one time. A dedicated truck driver would most likely sit idle for several hours a day, and that’s wasted money in today’s economic climate.

For heavy equipment operators, it makes sense. Armed with the right training and a CDL, you can truck your equipment to a work site, perform the tasks required, then truck your equipment onto the next job. There is no waiting around for a truck to arrive and transport your equipment – you are in complete control of your work space. For businesses, as we mentioned, the cost factor is of utmost importance.

If you are a heavy equipment operator looking to add a commercial drivers license to your range of skills, you only require three weeks of truck driver training and to then pass the necessary tests to be licensed. That three weeks is a sound investment in your future as it not only provides you with a skill and license that employers are looking for, it also opens the door for further employment options such as dump truck driving or general truck driving.

Employers are looking to employ individuals who can offer a range of skills. This makes those employees versatile and available for work where and when needed. Are you versatile? Do you have a range of skills that make you more valuable than the next operator? That could be the key to increasing your employment opportunities – and your value to employers.

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