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It’s Spring And The Skid Steer Loaders Are Out And About

With spring in the air, and on everyone’s footsteps, gardens everywhere are coming into bloom. At the same time, landscapers with their skid steer loaders are out preparing new gardens or rebuilding those that suffered through winter. Often considered toys, these small machines enable landscaping crews to complete jobs in a fraction of the time taken to do the job by hand.

Skid steer loaders are well suited to these smaller jobs, or jobs that need to be done in small areas. Driveways, new patios, areas that need re-turfing and of course large scale garden beds are areas where these little loaders work well. What most people don’t realize is that the skills required to operate a skid steer loader are similar to those required to operate larger heavy equipment. Similar but not the same.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools, many of our heavy equipment operator training programs include skid steer loader training. These mini loaders have a steering system that can see them turn 180 on the spot – similar to bulldozers and other tracked equipment. However, their bucket operations are very similar to that of a conventional loader.

Training on this equipment then is the perfect companion for those wanting to enter the heavy equipment industry. When work for larger machinery like loaders, bulldozers or backhoes is a little quiet, you can always find work with smaller equipment like the skid steer loader.

You can become proficient in a wide range of heavy equipment including skid steers in as little as three weeks through ATS – if this is a career option for you – contact us for more information.

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