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Skid Steer Loaders – The Perfect Construction Site Work Horse

Skid steer loaders have become one of the most popular machines on a building site and it all comes down to costs. Skid steer loaders are much cheaper to purchase, easier to maintain, and only require half the fuel compared to their larger cousins. Add to this a skid steer loader’s versatility and its ability to maneuver in tight spots and you have the perfect construction site work horse.

With the current economy still tight, construction businesses are looking at ways to cut costs while still getting the job done – on time, safely, and under budget. Skid steer loaders can certainly help businesses cut costs. More importantly, they are able do most of the work that other machinery, such as wheel loaders, do. The downside is, being smaller, their scoops cannot carry as much. However, being nimble little beasts, they can still load a truck with sand or gravel at the same speed, or faster, than a wheel loader. They can certainly nip around a construction site with more ease, laden or unladen.

Talk to operators of skid steer loaders and they will admit they are fun machines. However, whilst they may look like toys, the work they do is serious. Learning to operate heavy equipment is not that difficult today. Good training organizations can train you to operate a range of machinery in as little as three weeks. At the completion of your heavy equipment training, you will have the skills required to seek entry level employment as a heavy equipment operator. Whilst skid steer loaders may look like little toys, they are still considered to be heavy equipment. They certainly are the work horse of any construction site.

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