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Skid Steer Loaders Perfectly Suited To Winter Conditions

If there is one piece of heavy equipment that revels in the wintry conditions, it has to be the skid steer loader. Being light weight (yet still considered heavy equipment), they can scoot around on top of the ice and snow with little difficulty. Every home needs one at this time of year since they make such light work of clearing driveways of ice and snow.

It’s not just the ice and snow where they come in handy. Clearing up debris on building sites, working with landscapers to turn empty spaces into wonderful gardens and doing general duties in and around construction yards is all in a day’s work for these little beasts. It’s amusing to see a skid steer loader carrying a large wheel to a dozer when they need replacing.

Working a skid steer loader is a lot of fun. If you don’t mind being seen operating one of these little muscle machines (and you shouldn’t), then they can be the perfect job for those that have a bright sense of humor. The work is never boring, the action can be fast although safety is still a primary issue, and the variety of work on offer never ending. You just never know what sort of task you are going to be asked to do next.

What sort of training do you need to operate a skid steer loader? Any heavy equipment training program that offers a variety of equipment to train on is a good start. Training on a normal loader certainly helps. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can provide that variety in your training including hands on experience in equipment like loaders and excavators. If you like the idea of zipping around on a skid steer loader – contact us now to find out when our next heavy equipment training program commences.

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