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Spend A Day With A Mobile Crane Operator

Ever wondered what it was like to work as a mobile crane operator? Let’s spend a day with an operator and see what sort of day they have. Mobile crane operators are amongst the most skilled workers when it comes to heavy equipment and their services are in great demand. Being mobile, they often find themselves moving from job to job. There is no such thing as a standard working day – they finish work when the last job of the day has been completed.

Operators typically report for duty each day at the machinery yard. Before they leave for the first job, they need to do a walk around inspection to ensure everything is in good shape. This includes checking fluid levels and fuel levels – it would be quite embarrassing to need a tow-truck to take you back to the yard because you have run out of one of the fluids or fuel.

Then the day really starts with the mobile crane operator driving his vehicle to the first job. In many cases, the operator fills many shoes. They need to be a customer relations expert as they discuss with the client their needs; a planner as they plan how to perform the job; a safety officer as they check all safety aspect of the job; and of course an operator as they perform the job.

Performing the job doesn’t mean jumping into the cab and lifting the objects required. Before lifting can begin, the operator needs to assess the conditions; block the crane, perhaps lifting it on special hydraulic blocks; then doing the lift. At the end of the lift, he needs to work in reverse, lowering the crane from the hydraulic blocks and ensuring the crane’s components are all locked away securely ready for the road.

For large jobs requiring larger cranes, the operator may be required to assemble crane extensions with all the proper rigging and cabling. Of course, what you put together needs to come apart again at the end of a job. Once the job has been completed, there is the necessary paper work such as log books and perhaps billing paperwork for the office to process. Then it’s on to the next job.

Working as a mobile crane operator requires a lot of skills and I am not just talking about the operation of the crane. These skills can only be gained through accredited training programs that include certification upon completion of the training. Mobile crane operators are always in demand so if you have a hankering to work in this field, check out the mobile crane operator training at ATS Heavy Equipment Schools.

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