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Crane Operator Training Leads To Certification And Employment

There is a growing shortage of certified crane operators throughout the country with many employers finding it difficult to find workers who have undergone crane operator training and certification. In many states, crane operators can not be employed unless they have that certification. It can be frustrating for employers and for crane operators.

Crane operators of course can seek certification – that is not a difficult process. For those seeking a career change, the opportunities are there. Undertake crane operator training from a reputable training organization and your certification assessments should be included. This means you can undertake the training and have employers waiting to snap you up.

It is surprising to hear there is a shortage of certified operators when you consider the employment prospects. Crane operators are amongst the highest paid heavy equipment operators. They work in an environment that is interesting and often challenging. Certified crane operators are classified as professionally skilled with the certification being recognition of the skills and knowledge of the operator.

Certification covers areas that go beyond just operating a crane. Important areas such as general workplace safety, lifting safety and knowledge of the crane itself. The certification process is recognized throughout the country which means those that secure their certificates are able to find employment anywhere in the country.

ATS provide both crane operator training and certification. The latter is done through the National Commission For The Certification of Crane Operator (NCCCO), an organization established to set and monitor certification processes for crane operators. If you decide to undertake your crane operator training and certification through ATS you know you will be receiving training from one of the most respected training organizations in the country – that makes your qualification all the more important.

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