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Crane Operator Training Goes Beyond Learning The Controls

Crane operator training is essential if you wish to work in the industry as a crane operator, even the smaller mobile cranes. You may feel that learning to operate a crane is fairly simple. It goes up, it goes down, it swings left, it swings right. Nothing complicated there, surely? Operating a crane can be a complex task and knowing the controls is only the start.

When working on most construction sites a crane operator rarely works alone. They are generally accompanied by an off-sider whose role it is to hook and unhook loads. They also have the role of being the operator’s eyes on the ground. They communicate using a basic set of hand signals – signals that all operators need to learn if they wish to work in the industry.

Safety is a big issue on any work site and it is the crane operator’s off-sider who guides the operator into how and where the load is moved – safely. Yes, it is important to learn the controls for without that knowledge the crane would be useless. Knowing the hand signals is an integral part of getting the job done. Add to this other components of crane operations such as ensuring the crane itself is balanced on firm ground before attempting any lift and you will come to some understanding at how much training is required.

Have I scared you off yet? I hope not because that is not my intention. Most people can complete the required training fairly quickly. Once completed, you can develop and build on your new skills in the workplace. Experienced crane operators are highly skilled and amongst the highest paid workers on a construction site. Is this the right career for you? If so, check out your crane operator training options today.

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