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Specialized Crane Operator Training, Testing, and Certification

There are many workplaces that have special requirements when it comes to employees and the equipment they use. Cranes and crane operator training is one very good example. There are many industries that use cranes in non-standard ways or in situations that are non-standard.

A good example of the use of a crane in a non-standard situation would be a crane on a boat or barge or a crane mounted on a train car. Whilst the operation of the crane itself is quite standard, the effects of the environment, in this case the rise and fall of the water, or the safety aspects of a train car, create work problems of their own.

Employers often find that the best way to recruit crane operators in these cases is to take on individuals who have good working knowledge of cranes, and then to provide them with specialist training, testing and certification. Specialist crane operator training centers around the task at the hand. A training program is developed along with testing to suit the long term aims of the employer.

If the training and testing meets certification guidelines then that process can be followed and a certificate issued. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have specialist crane operator trainers who can come out to your workplace to deliver training. Specialist training can also be undertaken in one of our classrooms. Our aim is to ensure you have the right people trained to perform tasks that often unique to your business.

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