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The Shovels Descendant Is The Excavator

Do you know how a lot of the work used to be done in this country? By teams of men with shovels, spending their lives digging tunnels and trenches. Many of the roads and railroad tracks still in use today were first established by a lot of shovels working hard to do the job. The guy using the shovel had to learn the best technique so he could move a lot of dirt without hurting himself or others. It took muscle, intelligence, and skill to keep moving that shovel every long day and get the job done.

Today, an excavator can do the work so quickly and efficiently you’d think the ghosts of those guys with shovels would be standing around in awe. Some machines are small enough to be towed by a car, and other excavators are able to scoop several tons in one big bucket, but they all are operated by someone who learned the same basics in training.

Every excavator operator learns how to operate the equipment safely, how to read the soil and understand site plans, and how to identify problems during maintenance so little issues don’t turn into big ones. It’s a lot different than working a shovel although those guys had to learn safety skills and techniques, too. Today’s excavator operators still need intelligence and skill to get the job done. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School can get you ready to run an excavator in an entry level job within a few weeks, and you can develop the experience and skills you need to further your career. Having the basic training and certification gives a solid foundation to build on, just like those shovel-wielding men in the past built the foundations of the roads we use today.

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