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How Easy Is It To Become An Excavator Operator?

Ask people what they thought an excavator did and they would most likely say they dug trenches. Modern excavators do far more than that; in fact, they are one of the most important units of heavy equipment on a demolition site. Excavators are also some of the primary units of equipment in mining, although the machinery itself bears a passing resemblance to your basic construction excavator – nevertheless, they are still excavators.

Training to become an excavator operator is fairly straightforward, however, it is recommended you learn to operate a variety of different heavy equipment. This broadens your work opportunities whilst giving you a better understanding of how heavy equipment works. Excavators are actually simple machines when it comes to their constructions. The equipment houses an operator’s cab that sits on tracks. The digging arm extends forward with the digging motion being towards the operator. Learning to operate this equipment then is based on an understanding of what each of the levers and pedals does and learning to coordinate your hands, feet, and eyes. Add in workplace safety training and you’re ready for employment.

That training only takes three weeks to complete (and includes instruction on a range of equipment). Once you have completed your excavator operator training you will be proficient in a number of different machines, including bulldozers, graders, loaders and of course, excavators. You can then look for employment where your skills can be refined and where you can learn to use many of the different attachments that an excavator can use.

Like the idea of working as an excavator operator? Can you spare three weeks to undertake the training? If you can answer “yes” to those two questions, then you’re well on the way to an exciting and well-paid career as an excavator operator.

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